Barcelona’s undiscovered Craft Beer Bar

It’s possibly the best undiscovered Craft Beer Bar in Barcelona.  Its name is INA Espacio de Café y Piadina.  And whilst its profile may not be as high as other nearby destinations for discerning beer-lovers, its selection of bottled Craft Beer is certainly impressive.

It’s in a great location that is unfortunately passed by many, many beer aficionados every day.  ‘Passed’ being the keyword because many who would otherwise make INA Espacio de Café y Piadina a stopping-off point on their beery-journey through one of the most-beery cities of the world if they weren’t unaware of the delights inside.

It’s a shame.  So, we’re shouting it from the rooftops:  ” INA Espacio de Café y Piadina!”

It is unpretentious.  It is bright, breezy and welcoming.  It is everything a great beer-bar should be.  It is one for the beer-tourist list.  It’s one to visit again and again.