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We need further expansion of The Pink Boots Society across Europe

The Pink Boots Society represents female brewers, designers, beer-servers, writers or just about any other role of professional or student in the beer industry.  All women, whose motivations are to teach, promote and increase awareness and education about women in the beer industry.

Two-thirds of us at Kaeru Beer are female, so this interests us.  However, The Pink Boots Society is primarily an organisation based in the USA and Canada, with chapters in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Peru and Chile.  European membership seems centred in Spain, which is a shame considering the considerable number of women working in the industry within other parts of Europe.  Even in our home country — The Netherlands — there are more than a handful of lady Head Brewers, beer-maestros, professionals and suchlike.

Perhaps there needs to be a movement like The Pink Boots Society that opens membership to a much wider catchment area.

March 8 was International Women’s Day 2018, and organisations in other industries — most notably the movie-world — are taking great steps to close the gap and be much more female-inclusive in their activities.  Now is the ideal time, therefore, to create a much wider and active role for women in beer (and cider).  It’s no longer exclusively a man’s world in this respect — as ladies, we love beer, we love brewing, we love the beer industry, so let’s increase our voices and shout from the brewery floors to the brewpub to the taprooms to the world.  Shout loudly.

Kaeru Beer witnessed this movement gaining traction at the Barcelona Beer Festival, where women in the beer industry are well-represented.  And yet, travelling around our own lands — The Netherlands, Japan, elsewhere in Europe — we rarely see anything formal in the way of The Pink Boots Society for ourselves.  Wikipedia tells us there are 1,800 members of The Pink Boots Society across the world, all women with a hands-on interest in the world of beer, yet there are far more than a couple of thousand of us interested in Beer, both professional and as students — let’s try to bring one or more new chapters of The Pink Boots Society closed to home, ladies?

Our home city is Haarlem, a city that historically shunned the male-dominated guilds that excluded women from brewing.  350-years ago, almost 20% of all brewers in the city were female.  We have, therefore, a determined interest in increasing our representation in the world of beer to a more realistic level like these again, and there’s more to ladies in beer than the so-called Alewives of yore.

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