An exception list of ciders and perries for Reading

It’s hard to deny.  The Real Cider and Real Perry list for this weekend’s cider and perry extravaganza in Reading is exceptional.

Pop by to try some delicious beverages produced from the very best things nature has to offer.

Berkshire Tutts Clump Farmhouse Perry
Buckinghamshire Miss Morgan’s Perry
Cambridgeshire Cambridge Cider Co. President’s Perry
Cambridgeshire Simon’s Sweet ‘P’
Cambridgeshire Watergull Orchards Pear Perry
Dumfriesshire Waulkmill Mooseheid Perry
Glamorganshire Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees Perry
Gloucestershire Forgotten Orchard Perry
Gloucestershire McCrindle Perry
Gloucestershire Minchew Perry
Hampshire Mr Whitehead’s Hampshire Perry
Hampshire Mr Whitehead’s Midnight Special Perry
Hampshire Mr Whitehead’s Novo Pyrus Perry
Herefordshire Gregg’s Pit Aylton Red, Gregg’s Pit & Blakeney
Herefordshire Oliver’s Perry
Hertfordshire Apple Cottage Fred’s Perry
Kent Dudda’s Tun Pear O’Duddas Perry
Leicestershire Bottle Kicking Cross Farm Perry
Monmouthshire Palmers Upland Perry
Monmouthshire Raglan Cider Mill Snowy Owl Perry
Norfolk Burnard’s Stray Pear
Norfolk Crones Norfolk Perry
Norfolk Whin Hill Perry
Nottinghamshire Blue Barrel Perry tbc
Radnorshire Ralph’s Dry Perry
Somerset Hecks Perry
Worcestershire Barker’s Barker’s Upsy-Daisy Real Perry (B.U.R.P.)
Yorkshire La Cantina Yesterday’s Dreams Perry
Bedfordshire Potton Press Sweet Spot
Berkshire Ciderniks Combe Raider
Berkshire Ciderniks Dab Hand
Berkshire Ciderniks Freebird
Berkshire Ciderniks Kingston Black
Berkshire Ciderniks Ten Years After
Berkshire Ciderniks To Be Frank
Berkshire Ciderniks Yellow Sun
Berkshire Crazy Dave’s Berkshire
Berkshire Crazy Dave’s Berkshire Rebel
Berkshire Greenham Fallout Cider
Berkshire Salt Hill Cider Autumn Gold
Berkshire Salt Hill Cider Merry England
Berkshire Salt Hill Cider Urban Fox
Berkshire Tutts Clump Berkshire Diamond
Berkshire Tutts Clump Jazz (SV)
Berkshire Tutts Clump Oldbury
Berkshire Tutts Clump Reading Gold
Berkshire Tutts Clump Royal Berkshire
Berkshire Tutts Clump Rum Cask
Berkshire Tutts Clump Scrumpy
Berkshire Tutts Clump Special Reserve
Berkshire Tutts Clump Traditional Farmhouse
Berkshire Woodley Sider AP55.1 (Apples & Pears)
Berkshire Woodley Sider RP42.1 (Re-Pressed Apples & Pears)
Berkshire Woodley Sider TW53.1
Berkshire Woodley Sider W58.1
Berkshire Wyatts Berkshire Gold Dry
Berkshire Wyatts Berkshire Gold Medium
Buckinghamshire Buckshot Cider
Buckinghamshire Miss Morgan’s Cider
Cambridgeshire Cambridge Cider Co. Much Merriment
Cambridgeshire Hardings 3 Peace Sweet
Cambridgeshire S.O. Cider Barrel No. 3
Cambridgeshire Simon’s 4 Pear Perry
Cambridgeshire Spinney Abbey Monk and Disorderly
Cambridgeshire Watergull Orchards Cider
Cornwall Touchwood Traditional Cornish
Derbyshire Three Cats Cider
Devon Bollhayes Cider
Devon Countryman Cider
Devon Hancocks Cider
Devon Venton’s Cider
Devon Yarde Cider
Dorset Cider by Rosie Traditional Farmhouse
Dorset Copse House Landshire Medium
Dorset Cranborne Chase Traditional Farmhouse – Medium
Dorset Cranborne Chase Traditional Farmhouse (Oak Cask) – Sweet
Dorset Dorset Nectar Wild Cat Cider
Dorset Dorset Star Stargazer
Dorset Dorset Star Sunset
Dorset Dorset Sunshine Festival Sunshine
Dorset Dorset Sunshine Summer Sunshine
Dorset Lawrence’s Dry
Dorset Lawrence’s Sweet
Dorset Lulworth Skipper Dabinett (SV)
Dorset Purbeck Cider Dorset Dabinett (SV)
Dorset Purbeck Cider Joe’s Sweet
Dorset Purbeck Cider Muddy Scamp
Dorset Sherborne Cider Traditional Farmhouse
Dorset Twinways Rogers’ Cider – Dry
Dorset Twinways Rogers’ Cider – Medium Dry
Dorset Twisted Cider Misty Cider
Dorset Twisted Cider Wild Orchard
Dorset West Milton Real Cider
Dumfriesshire Steilhead Cider Nuthatch
Essex Big Bear Cider
Essex Hill Holme Major’s Tally Ho!
Essex London Glider Cider
Glamorganshire Gwynt y Ddraig Black Dragon
Glamorganshire Gwynt y Ddraig Pyder
Glamorganshire Llanblethian Orchards Orchard Blend
Hampshire 146 Cider Eastern Delight
Hampshire 146 Cider Hampshire Heritage
Hampshire Meon Valley Cider Chalk Stream
Hampshire Meon Valley Cider Dragonfly
Hampshire Meon Valley Cider Heron’s Crest
Hampshire Mr Whitehead’s Boxing Dog
Hampshire Mr Whitehead’s Cirrus Minor
Hampshire Mr Whitehead’s Devil’s Device
Hampshire Mr Whitehead’s Newton’s Discovery
Hampshire Mr Whitehead’s Rum Cask
Hampshire My’n’ers Traditional Farmhouse
Hampshire My’n’ers Traditional Farmhouse
Hampshire New Forest Kingston Black (SV)
Hampshire New Forest Traditional – Sweet
Herefordshire Colcombe House Willie Gunn
Herefordshire Gwatkins Captain Gwatkin’s Famous Old Rum Cask
Herefordshire Orgasmic White Jersey
Herefordshire Springherne Perry
Herefordshire Stockmoor Farm Cider
Hertfordshire Apple Cottage Special Branch
Hertfordshire Buntingford Gasper
Kent Biddenden Bushels
Kent Biddenden Strong
Kent Chafford Hellishly Strong
Kent Double Vision Medium
Kent Double Vision Sweet
Kent Dudda’s Tun Sweet Apple
Monmouthshire Hallets Blindfold
Norfolk Burnard’s Oaky Dokey
Norfolk Crones User Friendly
Norfolk Downham Jonagold (SV)
Norfolk East Norfolk Radiant Rose
Norfolk Norfolk Raider Original
Norfolk Whin Hill Browns (SV)
Nottinghamshire Sisson & Smith Traditional Cider
Oxfordshire Cotswold No Brainer
Oxfordshire Cotswold Yellowhammer Carnival
Oxfordshire Hitchcox Cider Hitchcox Cider Dry
Oxfordshire Hitchcox Cider Hitchcox Cider Medium
Oxfordshire Hitchcox Cider Hitchcox Cider Sweet
Oxfordshire Red Dog Cider
Somerset Bere Cider Co. Gold Rush
Somerset BumbleBee Cider Gribble
Somerset Crossman’s Prime Farmhouse
Somerset Harry’s Scrummage
Somerset Nempnett Piglet’s Choice Perry
Somerset Rich’s Cider
Somerset Sheppy’s Cider
Somerset West Croft Janet’s Jungle Juice
Somerset Wilkins Farmhouse
Staffordshire Hurst View Cider
Suffolk Harleston HedgeFund
Surrey Garden Cider Vintage
Sussex (East) Little Red Rooster Cider Perry
Warwickshire Hogan’s Harvest Press
Wiltshire Circle Cider Butcher’s Boy
Wiltshire Circle Cider Roundabout
Wiltshire Presshead (previously Handmade) Firestarter
Worcestershire Barbourne Dabinett (SV) Whisky Cask
Yorkshire Ampleforth Abbey Traditional Still
Yorkshire Hedgehogger Old Aged Pig