Pathfinders and trailblazers reveal new route to taste

Craft beer fans act as catalysts for expanded horizons.
Craft beer fans act as catalysts for expanded horizons.

Skill, talent and legwork seem less important than ever before. Do cronyism and social media’s universal popularity supersede expertise and flair? What are today’s desirable traits for a life in beer? And who are our innovative, ground-breaking peers refusing to travel a well-trodden path?

Who are the true pathfinders and trailblazers?

Where are the backroom artisans hiding? The beer industry’s gifted, diligent and pioneering grafters foregoing life as a socialite?

How much elbow grease acknowledges artists for their craft?

As lines of communication get ever-shorter, the most visible receive most praise. And that’s unfair to those spilling blood, sweat and tears to offer consumers the best. To glide through life as a weightless ghost, slipping in and out unnoticed, carries no penalty. Yet not having a high-profile social presence punishes the beer industry’s silent genius.

Insipid curiosities produced with bravado are preferable to excellence produced with no hullabaloo.

Homogenous ‘big beer’ relishes praise and universal acceptance. While craft beer—overlooked by sycophantic masses—struggles to gain any recognition.

Craft beer remains hidden in plain view alongside the multinational brands. Taste pushed aside by omnipresence. Indiscriminate drinkers choose what’s visible because they fail to see what’s not invisible. Content as sheep rather than shepherds.

Craft beer fans act as catalysts for expanded horizons. By experimentation and adopting fewer binary approaches in favouring the universal and popular. Don’t follow the crowd. Seek the beer industry’s true pathfinders and trailblazers.

Promote a 2020 beer vision that shows a new path.

Image by Rodrigo Rodrigo from Pixabay