Discovering a Craft Beer revolution in 34-minutes with Annie Gouk’s The North In Numbers

The North In Numbers
The North In Numbers

Craft Beer narrators focusing on the hip, trendy and popular overlook business. The what, where and who ignoring the why and how statistics. So, Annie Gouk’s The North In Numbers Craft Beer Revolution Podcast is a refreshing listen. Taking northern England as an example she condenses the industry into 34-minutes.

The North in Numbers: Breweries

She investigates how a reported 78% consumption increase changed the Craft Beer landscape.  How the region’s 350 Craft breweries responded to tax incentives and community spirit.  As consumer taste shifts from cask to keg, why many traditional breweries still see Craft Beer as ‘a fad’.

Costing around 20% more than Big Beer—and up to 30% more than Real Ale—why is Craft Beer’s popularity rising?  Annie investigates why Craft Beer is not a niche market.  Why drinkers favour paying for artisanal production methods, quality ingredients and full flavour.  Quality outweighs quantity in today’s consumer choice.

Furthermore, she investigates prevailing industry concerns.  How inclusive is Craft Beer?  And does the industry embrace diversity and welcome enough people with BME backgrounds?

Breweries discuss the global challenge of invasive behaviour by brewing multinationals.  Why Heineken-style market monopolisation, pub tenancies and unwelcoming, non-inclusive atmospheres limit growth. Despite the rise in Craft Beer consumption defying a universal fall in alcohol sales.  Industry survival requires a meaningful response to home-drinking and changing demographics.

And most important, breweries counter market saturation with a total package approach. Something overlooked by many doomed Craft Beer breweries throughout the world. A multidisciplinary brewery must embrace, adopt and adapt the ‘community spirit’ to survive. It must excel in branding, social awareness and cultural involvement.