Marshmallow and edible-glitter beer?


Mmm?!  Interesting!  A beer brewed with marshmallow and edible-glitter?  Pinch me, somebody, please — it’s not April Fools’ Day is it?

Peeps is not something I am familiar with, but, apparently, it’s a US brand of cute animal-shaped marshmallow candy, which The Collective Brewing Project, based in Fort Worth, TX, is using to create an Easter-themed sour beer.

The name for this sour?  Why, it’s “Peep”, of course.

Golden, CO, based Barrels & Bottles Brewery did the same thing a few years ago, although in that case it was a traditional ESB brewed with English malt and hops.

Ready in time for Easter, “Peep” will be available at a few local locations, most notably Lone Star Taps & Caps in Fort Worth and Lewisville.  Kaeru Beer shall have to send its intrepid Dallas-based beer connoisseur city-hopping to nearby Fort Worth to give us the taste experience.