The Gentleman’s Journal names the 6 hottest craft breweries in Europe

Congratulations to our friends at Laugar Brewery, Galway Bay Brewery and CR/AK for being named among the “6 hottest craft breweries in Europe right now” in The Gentleman’s Journal (recommended by HonestBrew), alongside Poland’s Browar Stu Mostow and France’s Popihn and Azimut Brasserie.

The Basque Country’s hardworking Laugar Brewing — a name on everybody’s lips and a highly visible presence at beer festivals and events across the continent — is highly deserving of the praise because brewing great beer and having an unrelenting determination to personally bring that beer to the masses is a remarkable feat.

Despite being a household name in its home country of Ireland for many years, Galway Bay Brewery is now taking great strides into the European beer market and over the last few years has increased its attendance at a large number of international events; much to the delight of beer drinkers who (finally) learn the Emerald Isle has far more to offer in terms of great beer than the well-known, dominant black stuff.

Then there is CR/AK from Italy, a country that is far too underrated and undiscovered as a source of great craft beer. Italy produces many wonderful beers that literally remain untapped to the outside world, and CR/AK is one of the breweries spearheading the gradual, yet tenacious drive to put Italy permanently on the global beer map. CR/AK’s will hopefully continue to increase its appearance at international beer events, raising the profile of its beers across Europe. CR/AK’s beers need to be tasted to be believed — they are not only curiously unique in their taste profiles, but also astonishingly good.

We shall be monitoring HonestBrew and the The Gentleman’s Journal over coming years to see who makes it onto the “hottest craft breweries in Europe right now” list in subsequently years. Maybe we’re biased, but it would be nice to see some of the high-calibre craft beer breweries in the Netherlands gain more international recognition, not simply the global players and dominant craft beer breweries, but the smaller, emerging purveyors of all things delightful.