Beavertown places its head in the tiger’s mouth

So Beavertown has sold a minority stake to Heineken — a £40m minority stake!

“You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!”  Whether that is a genuine quote or movieland artistic licence, I cannot tell.  But by cosying up to Big Beer, any brewery is opening the tiger’s jaw and taking a firm look inside; and when the tiger has both an insatiable appetite to consume as much as it can and a need to prove itself the dominant beast in the landscape, the inevitable will happen — it’ll firstly take a bite, then attempt a maul before moving in for the kill.

I wonder if opening the doors and letting in the tiger is the beginning of an exit strategy for the owners, offload the brewery for big bucks before moving onto a new endeavour.  I am convinced this action is certainly unrelated to the money Big Beer will bring, since there are many other readily-available funds that could be tapped (no pun intended).