Are you interested in Alvinne’s limited edition beers?


If you’re a fan of Brouwerij Alvinne’s innovative sour beers, as Kaeru Beer is, you may be interested in Alvinne’s Fellowship of Exceptional Ales, which is an idea to reward hardcore, loyal fans with some delicious limited beers — so limited, in fact, that they’re highly desirable, instantly sell-out and are consequently out of reach of most drinkers.

Alvinne’s limited beer production numbers several hundred bottles only, so there is a lengthy queue of anticipative devotees waiting to get their hands on these exclusive rarities.  As we know, it is Alvinne’s approach to using rare barrels and rarer ingredients — often foraged by hand — so it is little wonder these limited runs are so desirable.

By signing-up to be one or more Fellowship Members you will receive 3-litres of exclusive beers early next year.  The 3-litres will be broken-down into several different beers of varying quantities, depending upon the harvest and output; the actual beer, style and amount being received will be a surprise, but the overall total will be 3-litres.

Membership is limited and issued on a first come, first served basis.  The one-off cost for each Fellowship Member is €100, plus shipping, and multiple memberships are possible.  The offer is only open till July 2018.

Alvinne’s Fellowship of Exceptional Ales offer may be repeated in subsequent years, and priority will be given to this year’s Fellowship Members first.