Revolutionary KeyKeg International Beer Festival daring to be unique

Innovative KeyKeg and UniKeg’s circular economy producer invites beer enthusiasts and global breweries to Den Helder’s KeyKeg International Beer Festival.

(Originally published 12 Sep 2018)

When new products change established norms, it’s innovation. Unexpected innovation is revolutionary, whereas improving something familiar is an evolutionary step. Futuristic concepts rarely revolutionise because they remain theoretical ideas, albeit original and unique.

Innovation thinks in a new way. Innovation alters how the marketplace behaves, achieving higher excellence. Innovation interrupts business dynamics and distorts the existing commercial landscape. Unrecognisable and unfamiliar methods, practices, products and services are Disruptive Innovations.

Disruptive Innovation in the beer or cider worlds is rare. New recipes, ingredients, blends and fusions create distinct, original aroma, taste and mouthfeel. Yet the packaging and dispense systems remain the same for decades. The standard was, till recently, carbon dioxide applied to steel kegs forcing beer to the taps.

KeyKeg® and UniKeg®

The one-way sustainable keg, such as KeyKeg® and UniKeg®, is a Disruptive Innovation. It supports the industry’s ecological rebalance, displacing systems failing to consider the environment. KeyKeg, for example, prevents oxidation, separates propellant gas and extends shelf life. Above all else it complements important, historic beer culture and enhances traditional systems.

Global interest in KeyKeg and UniKeg results from green credentials and local production. Awareness increases as more international breweries supply their beer in one-way sustainable kegs. KeyKeg and UniKeg’s commercial home, North Holland’s Den Helder, is on the map as a centre of innovation. And so, it’s no surprise the city hosts the annual KeyKeg International Beer Festival.

The KeyKeg International Beer Festival

Den Helder’s Theater de Kampanje welcomes around 25 KeyKeg-using breweries each autumn. The former Willemsoord naval building’s ambience illuminates the national and international breweries. It’s an ideal beer festival venue, loved by locals and out-of-town beer enthusiasts.

KeyKeg International Beer Festival participants this year include local favourites Stadsbrouwerij Helderse Jongens. The likes of Brouwerij Leeghwater and Brouwerij Troost represent Dutch craft beer culture. And Dutch importers All Kinds of Beers present North Carolina’s finest US craft beer.

From elsewhere in Europe is Germany’s Von Freude, Norway’s Ægir Bryggeri and Slovenia’s Reservoir Dogs. Other highlights include the UK’s Bone Machine Brew. Co., Italy’s Mister B Brewery, Hungary’s Monyo and Spain’s Cerveza Tyris and Cervezas Arriaca.

The KeyKeg International Beer Festival is Friday, 28th September (15:00 to 22:00) and Saturday, 29th (12:00 to 20:00). Advance tickets cost € 7.50 per day (or € 10.00 at the door). Entrance includes a unique glass and 2 tokens. Extra tokens cost € 2.00 each (€ 10.00 for five).