Warsaw Beer Festival returns with originality and freshness

Brewer drinks Polish craft beer straight from the tap at the Warsaw Beer Festival
©Warsaw Beer Festival

Something special returns. Few beer festivals leave a more striking impression on visitors than the Warsaw Beer Festival. It excels with ease in every area. For seasoned beer travellers the unique experience is hard to beat — anywhere. Many other so-called ‘events’ pale in comparison.

It’s not just the originality and fresh, inspiring flavours that burst from thousands of beers. Nor is it the proud-but-humble brewers, hundreds of whom demonstrate that a talent for taste is shared by the many, not just the few.

No. it’s the simple art of customer satisfaction. The organisers effortlessly master the skill for creating something truly unique. Great beer with no unnecessary egos is what makes a great beer festival.

Do we recommend Warsaw Beer Festival? Yes — more than any other. After two years of subdued, sombre reflection on a lack of memorable moments, we recommend you go and learn why everything you know about beer festivals so far lacks what you don’t yet know is missing.