How to welcome people to an event for forward-thinkers and progressive-drinkers

The UK’s premier travelling beer festival arrives in one of the UK’s premier cities on 7th and 8th June.

Bristol is a forward-thinking, cutting-edge and happening city with an equally progressive population that relishes great beer and ground-breaking events.  Following its recent success in Edinburgh, the Craft Beer Festival 2019 arrives at its stunning Bristol Harbourside location (Lloyds Amphitheatre) for 2-days at the beginning of June.

The Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2019 is a contemporary event that celebrates the best of a modern craft beer culture, and like its accompanying festivals in Edinburgh, London and Birmingham, it is a festival led by taste.  Smart beer festivals recognise that a combination of great food and the finest beer is a winning combination, and the Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2019 brings together some of the best chefs, brewers and musicians to offer an event that transcends a mere festival of beer.  It is an occasion of taste — a revolution — at which food, beer and music align to create a synergy not to be missed.

Understandable — celebrating the “creativity, diversity and dynamism of a modern brewing culture” remains the core mission of the Craft Beer Festival 2019.  And tens of thousands of visitors and followers cannot be wrong.

All beer is included in the price of a ticket, as well as a free Tasting Glass and access to all areas.  There is also a free Programme that lists more than 40 local, national and international breweries, all of whom are presenting some of their finest beers at the event.

This year sees a number of high-profile international breweries making their first appearance in the city at the Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2019.  Exciting times.  Be amongst the first people in Bristol to taste great beer from some of the USA’s rising stars of beer: Cloudburst Brewing (Seattle), Temescal Brewing (Oakland) , Commonwealth Brewing Company (Virginia Beach), Humble Sea Brewing Co. (Santa Cruz) and Half Acre Beer Company (Chicago).

Other impressive breweries to try are Copenhagen’s People Like Us, and Basqueland Brewing from the Basque Country.  Scandinavian delights continue with, amongst others, Denmark’s To Øl, Sweden’s Dugges Bryggeri and the ever-impressive Lervig Aktiebryggeri from Stavanger in Norway.  Did somebody mention Mikkeller, too?

Northern England is represented by two of the region’s finest breweries, both of which are based in Leeds:  Northern Monk Brew Co and North Brewing Co.  And then there’s the capital; London ably represented by the likes of The Kernel Brewery and Pressure Drop Brewing.

Fans of beer brewed on the edge and lovers of tarty funkiness will not be disappointed.  The presence of a sour heavyweights like Ellon’s BrewDog Overworks is impressive.  As is the presence of another heavyweight that relishes in the genre: Shepton Mallet’s Wild Beer Co.

However, it is the home-grown brewing talent from Bristol that dominates the event.  And rightly so.

Arbor Ales, Bristol Beer Factory, Fierce & Noble, Good Chemistry Brewing, Left Handed Giant Brewing Co., Lost and Grounded Brewers, Moor Beer Co, New Bristol Brewery and Wiper and True Brewing Co.  Just a few of the impressive names.

Alongside the beer are the impressive street food delights that will satisfy every palate.  Whether it’s the vegan mezze delights of Koocha or Eatchu’s legendary gyoza, whether it’s charcoal-grilled kebabs from Murray Mays or burgers from Asado.  And then there is always the sensational cheese and meat platters from Two Belly.

The music at Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2019 reflects the progressiveness of the city, with an entirely female line-up that includes some of the biggest and best names in the UK DJ scene: Jamz Supernova and Mollie Collins, Sherry S, Barely Legal and Indika, plus special guest headliner Flava D.

Tickets are available now…but be quick.

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Lloyd’s Amphitheatre in Bristol’s harbourside could perhaps be the perfect venue for a Gladiatorial games event. Nowadays it is the perfect location for the Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2019, of which the first session on Friday evening was a great success. The world of craft beer differs insomuch as it is not a battle, there is no winner and no loser. But like the Gladiatorial games of several thousand years ago, the world of craft beer is also a huge spectacle.

Just ask the legions of Bristolians here at the event to celebrate the best craft beer from across the city. From across the country. And from across the world. The victor in any great beer event of this stature are the drinkers, offered such delights. And if you’re in any doubt, today sees two sessions in Lloyd’s Amphitheatre at which to do battle with some champions of the art.

The art is of course brewing and cider-making. The emperor and empress presiding over proceedings are the throngs of beer and cider worshippers savouring the liquid pleasures.

A industrial setting that had a former life the tough commercial world of our forebears is always the perfect venue for a beer festival, and the vestiges of a once-thriving maritime heritage is the perfect backdrop against which to savour the best beers from Yorkshire (NORTHERN MONK, North Brewing Co and Turning Point Brew Co., amongst other), Denmark (People Like Us), London (The Kernel Brewery and Pressure Drop Brewing), the Basque Country (Basqueland Brewing), Norway (LERVIG) and Sweden (Dugges Bryggeri). The perfect backdrop against which to chat with your favourite brewers. The city of Bristol is well represented by the likes of Arbor Ales, Fierce & Noble, and New Bristol Brewery. Wild Beer Co. dominates the entrance to the event with the steps up to its monumental bar.

As to be expected by an amphitheatre setting, the breweries skirt a central seating and dancing area that is focused on the stage area, from which the ground-breaking all-female line-up of DJs and artistes entertain the masses. A handful of large marquees house 8, 9 or 10 stunning names from the world of beer.

The USA resides in the corner of one marquee, our transatlantic cousins impressing visitors with the archetypal flavours and styles that bring people back again and again. Seattle’s Cloudburst Brewing, Virginia’s Commonwealth Brewing Company, Oakland’s Temescal Brewing and Santa Cruz’s Humble Sea Brewing Co. holding court.

And this is Bristol. The west country. Any event of this stature would be incomplete without cider. Bringing the liquid gold to us by Hallets Cider and Hawkes.

So, today is another day. Two sessions are available – an afternoon or evening session. Enter the arena. Come and join the games at Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2019. You could even speak with and arrange for a post-festival home delivery.

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Today’s the day — Bristol Craft Beer Festival 2019 begins this evening and continues tomorrow. A weekend of culture, creativity, cuisine and craft beer in one of the most dynamic of cities.

The best breweries in the city are preparing to unleash their best beers onto an ever-anticipant audience that is eager to taste the local talent, of which the city is rightfully proud.

Ever-anticipant too are some of the best UK breweries, those that always relish the opportunity to make a personal appearance in the city of forward-thinking attitudes to demonstrate that London, Scotland and most notably the northern powerhouse cities — such as Leeds — are spearheading the UK Craft Beer scene alongside Bristol.

Scandinavia is here en masse. Some of the region’s best and most recognised breweries and brewers are here to thrill, delight and impress.

And flights arriving from across the Atlantic are unloading their precious cargo of North American breweries and unknown drinking pleasures. Both big names from the world of beer and up-and-coming breweries are taking the short hop across the pond to be in Bristol again.

And during this time of renewed interest in the events of 75-years ago, we ought to be celebrating our international relationships and ensuring we remain a harmonious world — and Bristol is the perfect city in which to build relationships.

Many intercontinental brewers visiting Europe for their first official appearance are amassing in the city, wondering how the chin-stroking Brits and other internationals will respond to new breweries and unique tastes. No need to fear, for certain — visitors to the Bristol Craft Beer Festival are thirsty to savour new experiences as well as rekindle existing loves.

It’s not just first-time breweries that are amassing. The weather forecast suggests the clouds are joining the party, too. But with plenty of shelter, plenty of beer, plenty of interesting people and an extraordinary number of breweries in attendance, it is certainly looking likely to be an exceptional weekend.

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With less than a month to go until the UK’s premier travelling Craft Beer Festival arrives in London, it’s worth taking another look at a handful of highlights from June, when the event rolled into Bristol for the Bristol Craft Beer Festival.

Expectations are high that the London Craft Beer Festival, held 9 Aug–11 Aug at the impressive Tobacco Dock (Wapping Lane, E1W), will be another roaring success.  The list of attending breweries is a who’s who of local, national and international brewing talent.