The forgotten apple. Remembered. Memorised.

It’s refreshing.  It’s delightfully refreshing.  It’s perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to great food.  Its literally ‘home-grown’ in the Netherlands.

Dutch Cider is experiencing something of a renaissance, a resurgence of interest in the most natural (and historic) of nature’s bounty; and De Vergeten Appel is wholly natural – Mother Nature’s work, with only the smallest, most delicate hint of human intervention to coax the onset of a natural production process that’s been happening for millennia, for as long as apples have existed.

The popularity of cider – traditionally the classic farmworker’s beverage in the fields and hills of France, Spain and the UK – is on the rise, and Tilburg’s De Vergeten Appel is one of the handful of cider-makers in the Netherlands at the forefront of the Dutch Cider revolution.  Think sparkling wine, champagne and prosecco.  Think quality.  De Vergeten Appel is something to savour.

De Vergeten Appel is now available in Haarlem, at Spaarne66, a bar, café and restaurant that is itself always at the forefront of revolutions in taste, quality and style.  Come along and see for yourself.  Try De Vergeten Appel for yourself at Spaarne66 and experience a taste of the Netherlands that will shortly see Dutch Cider take its rightful place as another wonderful product that defines the diversity, quality and taste of the country itself.