Magnificent seven to dominate at triumphant celebratory Van Moll Fest

Either wait twenty years to celebrate Van Moll Fest’s Silver Anniversary or congratulate Van Moll now on its festival’s Wooden Anniversary. Five years of success.

Let’s extrapolate the success of Van Moll Fest 2039 from its triumphs and reputation gained over the past four years. Besides being one of region’s most respected and well-attended events, Van Moll Fest 2039 may represent the post-craft world of Cyber Beer. Van Moll will have remained a dominant brewery and will use Van Moll Fest 2039 to showcase its mid-21st century brewscape of iHops, eMalt, virtual water and ever-wilder yeast.

Thanks to biomechanics and the realisation of cyborg technology, many of us can attend Van Moll Fest 2039. We may even be sprightlier than today. And The Rolling Stones will still be touring. But let’s not wait that long or wish-away our imagined youthfulness. Let’s enjoy Van Moll Fest 2019. Let’s join the celebrations and mark a significant milestone. Let’s relish something wonderful today that we can reminisce about in twenty years.

Held at Eindhoven’s Evoluon, Van Moll Fest 2019 is Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August from 13:00 to 21:00. Besides many fine Dutch breweries, Van Moll Fest 2019 also welcomes some of the best international breweries for two days of “Noord-Brabantse” fun.

Experiencing USA breweries in Europe is a wonderful experience. Several transatlantic visitors form part of an international contingent that includes Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Poland and Romania. And let’s not forget neighbouring Belgium and Germany’s breweries.

Van Moll Fest 2019’s highlight, however, is the Magnificent Seven. Seven UK breweries with whom Van Moll recently collaborated during its epic road trip through “Blighty”. Buxton Brewery Company, North Brewing Co, Northern Monk, Siren Craft Brew, Wild Beer Co., Wiper and True Brewing Co. and Wylam Brewery.

Congratulations, Van Moll, on an excellent 5 years of festivities.