Swinkels Circularity Index is determination to make a difference

Swinkels Circularity IndexThere is a tendency to overlook what really matters in the food and drinks industry. Social media vilifies organisations for business manoeuvrings that leave consumers with a bad taste (no pun intended), and yet, peel away the layers and it is surprising which organisations are determined to make a difference.

Nothing is more important than the critical challenges facing the planet itself. Businesses that proactively take steps to make a valuable difference ought to be applauded for it, praised for taking progressive steps that will enable meaningful change.

Not enough organisations in the food and drinks industry have skin-in-the-game. Circularity and sustainability are critical in this domain, and profits are meaningless without a social and environmental alignment.

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers is taking steps in the right direction with its Swinkels Circularity Index, but the good intention goes unnoticed in the deluge of irrelevant noise.