100 Watts of power at Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven

It’s Kaeru Beer’s first visit to Eindhoven, so fitting perhaps that our first port of call is the Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven – the city brewery – and its Taproom, Café 100 Watt, a few minutes’ walk outside of the city centre.  Port of call being an apt description, being that the brewery overlooks a somewhat unnavigable waterway, the River Dommel.  Without knowing much about the industrial heritage and architecture of the city, it’s easy to deduce the 100 Watt brand of beer on sale here is a reference to the former life of the building in which the brewery and Taproom reside (the Schellens Fabriek).  Not a former power station, but rather a former textile factory.

Nevertheless, it’s all about the beer.

Pretty much every style is represented on the vast beer list, and being fans of sour beer, it was inevitable the Gose would be the first one to try today.  From somebody who’s tried many attempts at a Gose across the world, it’s impressive.  It’s balanced, and that’s quite often where a Gose fails to pass the taste test; this passes the test, for sure.

Short of spending the entire day here working our way through the beer menu, an act that has been known to happen many times, it’s fair to say the rest of the beers meet the same quality standards.  We tried seven, and they all meet the same quality levels.

Kaeru Beer shall have to return sometime in the not too distant future to give the beer menu a more thorough taste test, and also find out a little more about the history of the brewery, building and place in the sociocultural fabric of Eindhoven.  The brewery used to be known as Eijkenrode, apparently, so plenty to learn and tell our readers about.

Across from the Taproom is the brewery operation itself, and by peeking through the door it’s clear this is a fairly big operation – naturally, since the range of beers is extensive.  And for aspiring homebrewers, there is the brewery’s (not so secret) recipe and instructions to brew an IPA. All you need is enough capacity at home to make 10 hectolitres.