Miroc Beer’s Marugame taproom reinforces Shikoku craft beer benchmark

Miroc Beer Taproom, Marugame, Japan
Miroc Beer Taproom, Marugame, Japan

Industry- and process-focused commentators entrust beer critique to taste experts. But everybody values well-rounded beer. Discovering a skilful malt and hops balance is joyous. And so, Marugame’s Miroc Beer ranks among the area’s high-profile craft beer breweries.

It deserves its position. The Miroc Beer taproom’s popularity among beer-tourists visiting the region validates its reputation.

Space is an expensive commodity in Japan. The country’s artisanal breweries operate diminutive brewhouses yet produce enormous taste. Compared with western peers, Japan’s quality beer emerges at a micro-level.

Miroc Beer demonstrates capability in maximising a space’s full potential. From IPA to IPL, Kölsch to Belgium dark ales brewed with abbey yeast, its beer range is diverse. Cornerstones of a lively local craft beer scene.

The taproom’s food menu caters for Japan’s taste requirements and expectations. Simple snacks or hearty mains are as important as the beer. It’s a cuisine model mirroring the USA — and that’s a good thing. Delicious food is a valued feature missing from many European brewpubs and taprooms.

Miroc Beer focuses on local and organic produce. Even the local baker bakes the taproom’s bread using the brewery’s yeast.

Then there’s beer. In-house Miroc Beer brews and other local Shikoku island beer flow from 10 taps. And at least one recognisable European craft beer always proves popular.

Miroc Beer excels in balancing flavour. Each beer rivalling definitive examples of its style. With the world’s eyes on Japan 2020, Miroc Brewery is a gold medal contender.