The art of south-London’s bees

It is a rare occurrence to taste something that is wholly unique.  It is even rarer to taste something that’s wholly unique and tastes delicious.  Finding the latter to be astonishingly drinkable and something of an undiscovered marvel is almost unheard of.

Today is that day.

As beer and cider lovers, we’ve naturally drank a few meads over the years in different parts of the world, some excellent, some tolerable and others questionable.  Some were unfortunately poured away following the first sip.  Sorry, bees.

Never have we tasted anything like this.  A bottle of Gosnells Mead has found its way across the North Sea from their southeast London meadery in somebody’s luggage.  It’s nice. It’s awesome. It’s heavenly.  Why have we never encountered this sooner?  It’s a shame.

The Meadery in Peckham even has a taproom.  Now that’s a place we simply must visit.  Inner-city bees must be the best-kept secret in all of Meadmakerdom.