Worshipping the Holy Spiritus of brewing, distilling and events

100% pure ciders, meads, distilled beverages and liqueurs, all traditionally brewed in a church.  It’s not a common thing to hear.  And yet, the Holy Spiritus in Sint Jansteen, Zeeland, is a brewery, distillery and events location that is open to individuals and trade.

The Holy Spiritus Brewery has resurrected abandoned space in the former Johannes de Doper church to produce virtuous and divine drinks.

As to be expected from a high-quality, artisanal product visualised and realised in a former house of purity, there are no artificial additives in any blessed drink from the Holy Spiritus.  Moreover, the Holy Spiritus is sustainable and circular.  And a precise and careful selection and approval process ensures all ingredients are locally grown or produced.

Mead has existed for millennia and was once the most popular drink, although its popularity has slowly declined since the Middle Ages.  A niche beverage for a thousand years or more, a recent resurgence of interest in mead has led to its widespread comeback.  Thanks to an annual gift from the bee population working in the vicinity of Sint Jansteen, the Holy Spiritus produces a variety of meads from May to September.

The holy sacristy of Johannes de Doper is the perfect location for the Holy Spiritus to produce its contemporary, artisanal liqueurs because a sacristy is home to all the ceremonial paraphernalia indispensable to church life.  And there is little more indispensable to modern living than enlightening beverages.

Whether it’s the charismatic ciders that recognize a growing marketplace nationally and internationally or the miracle of distilling, the distinctive mark of the Holy Spiritus is a crazy secret ingredient.  It’s what makes the world-famous plum distillate so good.

Today’s Johannes de Doper church is not merely home to the Holy Spiritus of brewing and distilling.  It is also an event location for a private party, business event and other any celebration or happening.  Every nook and cranny is utilised.  From large event spaces to small backrooms.  From 10 to 450 people.

The church dates from 1256, although it was rebuilt in 1860 as the neo-gothic masterpiece we see today.  The Holy Spiritus began to write its chapter in the history of the church in 2018.

The two men with the heavenly plan are Master Brewer Tom Genbrugge and creative driving force Goderic Van den Brande, both of whom have many years’ experience in turning the fruit and honey harvest into divine beverages.

(Photo courtesy of theholyspiritus.com)