Getting to know: Neobosski


Wicked!  Swearing!  Smokin’!  Fireball!  Bomb!  All terrifying words to describe terrific beers brewed by the terribly congenial Jeroen van Beek and Erik de Bos from Utrecht’s Neobosski Brewing Company, close friends whose relationship straddles that fine line between genius and mad (beer) scientist.  Being in the company of these two brewers and beer aficionados for just a couple of minutes is enough time to discern a special synergy in their interactions, much like a successful comedy double act, although it’s difficult to say who plays the straight man to the other’s funny man.

Jeroen and Erik’s faces form the symbol of Neobosski, and it is indicative of their personalities that an alternative version exists, too, which seemingly depicts the pair of them in lucha libre masks.

Wrestling may be a very apt depiction, since the aroma and taste of their beers take no prisoners.  The ingredients wrestled into submission during the brewing process to create some uniquely wonderful beers, often touching the outer reaches of the tasting spider-chart with some impressive special touches.  A fearlessness about going too far with the flavour profiles produces some very moreish beers.

Erik, it seems, is happiest at the kettle — literally at home experimenting, testing and combining Jeroen’s initial inspiration with a mutual respect for taste and flavour, spinning an idea into a production-ready brew.  Jeroen, on the other hand, has not only the vision that inspires the beers for which Neobosski are known, but also takes responsibility for the commercial side of the business, something Erik finds less exciting then the brewing itself.

There is an excited anticipation about the next generation of Neobosski beers, which are expected to be ready for the Spring beer festival season and beyond, but till then Jeroen and Erik’s beers are available in bars, bottle shops and at local events.  Seek them out and be prepared for a wonderful journey into the distant realms of taste.