(Briefly) Getting to know: Haymarket Brewing

Kaeru Beer would like to thank Frank Shepard from Haymarket Brewing — a long-established brewery and brewpub located in Chicago and Bridgman, MI — for the beers and chat a few weeks ago at Beermiscuous.

Haymarket Brewing focuses primarily on European styles, particularly Belgian, but with a defined American Twist.  A quick chat with Frank about the flavour profiles and motivations confirms the complex maturity tasted in the beers – there’s certainly a thought-process at work behind the beers that must be applauded.

With an eye on local ingredients and minimising the environment footprint, the brewery fully utilises the best nature has to offer in the region, from relatively local hops, to honey from a local meadery.  The balance of ingredients creates highly drinkable beers that must be sought and tried, if you’re not already familiar with the delights Haymarket has to offer.