Skilfully caught in Crooked Spider’s tasty, flavoursome web

(Originally published 29 March 2018)

A brewer’s Process & Food Technology background delivers indispensable insight. The eponymous arachnid’s insight recommended it avoid tumbling into nascent breweries’ test brews. Brewer Niels Beekhuizen offers assurance: no trace of spider remained in the brew. The poor arthropod trudged away from the crime scene; its lesson learnt.

Crooked Spider exhibits pride in the charming hometown it shares with royalty. Wassenaar’s Den Haag suburban elegance paraded on the brewery’s website. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and his family inhabit the town too.

Royal Patronage

As befitting an exceptional, local brewery, Crooked Spider has royal patronage. The brewery honoured the monarch in 2017, on the occasion of his 50th birthday, with a special beer. Crooked Spider’s regal ‘Willem V.0’ was orange, symbolising the Huis van Oranje-Nassau. Brewed with 5.0 g of Bohemian hops per litre, producing a popular 5.0% ABV beer.

The king is a beer-lover and presumably partook in a few celebratory drinks.


Niels developed a love for beer during his Process & Food Technology studies. And he won a prize in a Dutch amateur brewer championship. Niels applies his honed skills brewing for Crooked Spider and several other breweries.


Crooked Spider triumphed at last year’s International Wine and Spirit Competition in London. It walked away with 5 out of 6 Group Beer Award wins. Whether it walked away crookedly in tribute to the eponymous spider is unclear.

Niels’ infectious personality aligns with Crooked Spider’s compelling portfolio. The brewery’s beer range transports drinkers on a journey of discovery. Passengers inspired by flavoursome classic beer styles and tasty innovative breakthroughs.

Does whatever a spider can

If Peter Parker were Dutch, he’d be a Crooked Spider fan Spider-Man. ‘Crooked Spider-Man’ would be his secret identity. Crawl into his web and follow him to your local bar or bottle-shop and pick-up Crooked Spider. Or swing by Wassenaar, where the beers are easy to find.

(Thanks to Renée Harms for the photography.)