How does Founders Brewing Co. find itself in Europe


If you suspected Founders Brewing Co. appeared at European beer festivals simply because they enjoyed a jolly European jaunt, you’d only be partly correct.

What you’re drinking is certainly from Grand Rapids, MI, but what’s happening behind the taps is a very Spanish affair.  As one of the top-20 largest craft beer brewers in the US, why wouldn’t they want a slice of the European pie; and for Europe’s selective craft beer drinkers it means a hop across the Atlantic is not required to sample the delights of a Breakfast Stout or All Day IPA, which can be found in most states.

A stout for breakfast and then IPA all day, that’s my kind of ideal day!

Madrid’s Cervecera Independiente are the importers and brains behind the European presence of Founders Brewing Co., so it’s no surprise they’re much more visible at southern European events.  Although, much like Hannibal traversing the Pyrenees and the Alps with his Elephants, Cervecera Independiente may be crossing the mountains more frequently with their own Porters, Dirty Bastards and all the accoutrements of marketing and merchandising from Founders Brewing Co.