Post-hardcore beers from Deftones

How did Belching Beaver Brewery become the official brewer for everybody’s favourite post-hardcore band, Deftones?  Kaeru Beer visited the brewery’s North Park Tasting Room to find out.

Being avid fans of the Grammy Award winning metal titans, Belching Beaver Brewery heard rumours that the band from Sacramento were planning to release their own official range of beers and quickly prepared some test brews that were shipped to the band.

Belching Beaver Brewery, it seems, literally had the right set of ingredients for the band, who then choose to collaborate with the San Diego brewery in producing a range of four beers at Belching Beaver Brewery’s Oceanside Brewhouse location.  Dam Good Times lay ahead for both the band and brewery.

Kaeru Beer tasted some of the band’s beer and was pleasantly surprised, since history has shown that entertainers who collaborate with beer, wine or spirit/liquor manufacturers in producing a beverage often release something that is, at best, acceptable.  However, much like Iron Maiden collaborating with the UK brewery Robinsons to produce its best-selling Trooper ale, there are some discerning beer drinkers in Deftones; far from being sleeping partners in the endeavour, the band is directly involved in the ingredient selection, flavour profile and quality control.

The band takes its Belching Beaver Brewery-produced beers on tour with them as they criss-cross the globe, which is certainly true praise for the efforts of the brewers and other Belching Beavers beavering away in southern California.