Economic hopes continue to follow coronavirus social guidance

Economic hopes continue to follow coronavirus social guidance

Broad government mandates focus on stimulating a wider economy, yet countless business models, including Hospitality, depend on balancing subtle nuances — economic, social, environmental and ethical, for instance. Given that science continues to expose new coronavirus (COVID-19) variables, national response is necessarily limited to a 

Crises innovate a virtual beer industry

Crises innovate a virtual beer industry

A Virtual Brewgaloo supplementing a physical event later in the year is a wonderful idea. Everybody needs cultural focus and social togetherness at this critical time. It’s a great opportunity. Introducing North Carolina and NC Beer to a much wider audience, national and global: North 

Discovering a Craft Beer revolution in 34-minutes with Annie Gouk’s The North In Numbers

Discovering a Craft Beer revolution in 34-minutes with Annie Gouk’s The North In Numbers

Craft Beer narrators focusing on the hip, trendy and popular overlook business. The what, where and who ignoring the why and how statistics. So, Annie Gouk’s The North In Numbers Craft Beer Revolution Podcast is a refreshing listen. Taking northern England as an example she 

Getting to know:  Tibidabo Brewing

Getting to know: Tibidabo Brewing

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat — known locally as simply L’Hospitalet — is the Catalan municipality immediately southwest of Barcelona that plays host to the annual Barcelona Beer Festival, attracting many thousands of visitors each year who are keen to try some of the finest local, national 

Barcelona’s undiscovered Craft Beer Bar

Barcelona’s undiscovered Craft Beer Bar

It’s possibly the best undiscovered Craft Beer Bar in Barcelona.  Its name is INA Espacio de Café y Piadina.  And whilst its profile may not be as high as other nearby destinations for discerning beer-lovers, its selection of bottled Craft Beer is certainly impressive. It’s 

Paying It Forward

Paying It Forward

Because Kaeru Beer believes in the influence wielded by Social Media and its latent marketing muscle, we have decided to start occasionally paying the compliment forward by randomly selecting an organisation or group from our Social Media followers. We shall spend 5 minutes briefly investigating 

Welcoming the Pacific Northwest to east Amsterdam

Local beer is available too, but it is the welcome renaissance in Craft Beer from across the Atlantic that brings many tourists and locals alike to Grand Café Lokaal, a lively bar and restaurant in east Amsterdam that showcases the offerings of several well-respected breweries 

On a beer Mission to San Diego’s East Village

As unassuming as it is, the former Wonder Bread Building in San Diego’s East Village, a home run across the parking lot from Petco Park, home of the Padres, provides little exterior clue about the epic happenings within.  Unbeknownst to the casual passers-by, the shabby-yet-appealing 

The forgotten apple. Remembered. Memorised.

It’s refreshing.  It’s delightfully refreshing.  It’s perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to great food.  Its literally ‘home-grown’ in the Netherlands. Dutch Cider is experiencing something of a renaissance, a resurgence of interest in the most natural (and historic) of nature’s bounty; and 



  飲食は, 至福のひと時. これぞ, 万国共通であれ!   Brewery KAEN / Diamond Brewing ここは, 熊本では非常に珍しいクラフトビールのタップルーム兼レストラン. 熊本も, クラフトビールはまだまだ浸透しているとは言い難いエリアです. サントリー工場ありますしね…でも, 一度工場見学行ってみたい😳 元々は, ガッツリお肉を提供するレストランだったようですが, 新しく, ここで作られたクラフトビールも提供するようになったとか. レストランに併設されたガラス張りの空間に, 海外製の新しいピッカピカタンクが見えます. 今年の2月からだったかな, 出来立てホヤホヤの brewery です. こちらのビールを飲むことが出来る場所も, このレストランと, あと一軒くらいだったかなー. これから, どう展開していくのか, かなり楽しみ. というのも, こちら. 新しい brewery なのですが, 既にいろんなタイプのビール作られています. 作り手さんは, 御二人. 御二方ともお話しさせていただきましたが, ヘッドの方が, かなり好奇心旺盛とみた!笑笑. Sour 

Oproer : 「揺るぎなき確立したtasteを造り上げる能力を持った醸造所」、いよいよ日本上陸!

3周年を迎えたばかりの彼らだが, 元々は Ruig Bier と Rooie Dop の合体で Oproer は誕生した. 彼らの対ビジネスへの姿勢は, シンプルである — 「ケアをすること」.  でもこれがそこいらじゅうでそうそう目にするかと言われると, そうでもない.  品質やキャラクターを大事にするのは当然の事, さらに人との繋がりは勿論の事, 環境や自然への想いをとても大切に, そして明白に掲げている.  彼らの持つ信念「革新的且つ論理的」, 例えばサンディエゴの Modern Times Beer とも共通するものがあるが, 彼らの環境への想いは揺るぎない.  例えば, 以前はアメリカへのビール輸出を行っていたのを, 環境影響を考え今はオレゴン州はポートランドにてアメリカ市場向けにビールの醸造を行うといった大胆な決意がその一つだ. そんなOproerのバー兼レストランは, Utrecht Zuilen駅にほぼ隣接していると言っても過言ではない.  徒歩数分で, 1949年建造そして2013年, 地方記念建築に指定された元オランダ鉄道会社のバス修理場という, 一瞬聞いただけではなんとも想像つけ難い不思議な建物である.  さらにこのエリアは, “Blue District”と名付けられた実に環境に優しい住宅地を形成するとされており, まさに彼らにとっては理想的な立地なのである. この建物に入ってみると, 実に建物のスペースをうまく活用しているかが窺える.  一人で静かに本を読みながらチビチビとビールを嗜むのは勿論のこと,  小さな子供を連れた家族連れ・パーティ客, 

Social uproar: the consciousness of Oproer

‘Oproer’ is a 16th century Dutch word, the etymological source of the English word ‘uproar’.  And there are few words that more aptly describe an approach to business that places a greater importance on having a social conscience than operating purely for commercial gain. The 

Culture Contact: Social, Hospitality and Hostelry

Culture Contact: Social, Hospitality and Hostelry

It is a world of social and cultural delights for the taking.  For drinkers, diners and socialites there is a magnificent abundance of marvellous options: bars, cafés, restaurants, brewpubs, brasseries, taprooms, bistros. See Also: Paying It Forward Bierlokaal de Uiver Theatre-goers, out-of-towners visiting the City’s 

Why doing more than selling beer makes a good beer store great

What is the beer-lover equivalent of discovering a pot of gold?  Where is the Holy Grail for beer connoisseurs inspired by a vast assortment of great brews under one roof?  Even Indiana Jones found the Ark of the Covenant. Whatever myth you prefer, imagine finding 

Ultimate Pub Guide

Ultimate Pub Guide

As one of the three key writers and contributors to the now-defunct, yet highly-regarded, Ultimate Pub Guide, I spent a large part of my misspent youth travelling the world, trawling bars, pubs, beer-cafés and whatever other establishment offered the thirsty drinker somewhere to imbibe the 

100 Watts of power at Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven

It’s Kaeru Beer’s first visit to Eindhoven, so fitting perhaps that our first port of call is the Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven – the city brewery – and its Taproom, Café 100 Watt, a few minutes’ walk outside of the city centre.  Port of call being an 

Getting to know: Schoppe Bräu

The historic art nouveau Colonnades on Schönhauser Allee in Berlin’s chic Prenzlauer Berg district was built around 1911 and rejuvenated 98-years later to become an industrial monument and heritage area.  The Colonnades was built as an impressive, grand entrance to Bavarian Master Brewer Joseph Pfeffer’s 

Getting to know: Modern Times

Bob Dylan told us The Times They Are a-Changin’.  But that was 1964.  The modern times are a-changin’, too.  In these modern times we’re a-changin’ how we not only look at beer, but also how we expect today’s brewery to be much more than simply 

Checking out what’s happening at De Biertuin Prinsengracht in Amsterdam

There’s a lot of beers — both draught and bottle — possibly 100-130 or so, mostly Dutch and Belgium, with a fridgeful of Yeastie Boys UK thrown into the mix for some antipodean fun.  And there’s BrewDog, of course,  but that’s tediously everywhere nowadays. There 

Getting to know: Proper Brewing Co.

Proper Brewing Co. has ethical credentials and values its role in the local community. It places an emphasis on local produce not only for the exceptional quality and taste, but also as part of its social responsibility in supporting the regional economy. Placing cash directly 

Getting to know: San Diego Brewing Co.

In many cases, age, maturity and longevity is simply an excuse grasped by younger people to justify what they would like to see as a widening gap between their own youth and what is, in fact, nothing more than an aging youthfulness. And never the 

Getting to know Epic Brewing Company

It is a mountain.  Let’s call it Mount Epic.  Despite its seemingly minute appearance from the street, the footprint of Epic Brewing Company’s Salt Lake City facility, a short stroll south from Downtown, is huge.  Epic Brewing Company appears to have taken its cue from 

Getting to know: Latchkey Brewing Company

  The paying public literally got its first taste of Latchkey Brewing Company’s beers at the new brewery and tasting room in San Diego’s Middletown neighbourhood last week, and Kaeru Beer was there to find out what was happening from co-founder Gerald Dollente. Beer-tourists from 

Don’t sleep a round, drink a round. Be Beermiscuous.

Don’t be promiscuous with beer, be Beermiscuous.  Don’t make any commitment without taking your beer on a test-drive first; don’t plunge into any relationship with a beer until you’ve cozied-up with a 4 oz pour for a brief liaison.  Don’t sleep a round, drink a 

Getting to know: Briljant Brouwhuis

Haarlem is a historic beer city, and yet, irrespective of any historical context, perhaps the four main things beer-lovers who don’t live there know about the city are perhaps Rob Alphenaar, the Jopenkerk, Jopen, and the Uiltje Brewery — and they’re usually quoted in this