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English content writing & marketing.

Professional services consultancy for beverage, hospitality or events business in Netherlands, Japan, UK & EU.

KAERU BEER (Pronounced KA-E-RU) is the Anglo-Japanese branch of Matsuda Mulville.

A large pile of beer caps on a table.

Certified beer, cider and sake industry specialists operating from Haarlem, Okayama, Liverpool and across the EU.

Brand-Awareness Partners

Not only are we experts in effective English content writing & marketing — editing, proofreading and other written communication in high-quality native English or Japanese — but we’re also focused on increasing the global reputation and perception of Craft Beer & Cider though brand-awareness and social media engagement.

Our English-Japanese experience allows us to act as a conduit between western and Japanese beer or cider industries to facilitate a smoother transition between markets.


  • 英語・日本語のコンテンツやコピーライト作成
  • クラフトビール・クラフトサイダーの海外輸出・販売のサポート
  • ご相談の内容に合わせて情報収集・専門者のご紹介
  • イベント参加・企画運営のサポート


Assorted beer mats displayed on table for used for English Content Writing.

Collaboration For Success on English Content Writing & Marketing

Whether you’re a brewer, sake, cider or other beverage producer, importer or exporter, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, manufacturer or any other organisation involved in the chain from raw ingredient to the consumers’ glass or bottle, we may be able to assist build your solid reputation. Please speak with us.

Meet Our Team

We’re Peter and Saki, who form the core of Kaeru Beer with other international associates. As beer professionals, we’re motivated by:

  • artisanal craft beers and ciders;
  • independent breweries and cideries;
  • discerning taprooms, bars, pubs, brewpubs and beer or cider festivals that place value on quality, atmosphere, hospitality, customer-service and, most of all, great beverages served correctly;
  • independent beer and cider retailers, importers, exporters and distributors;
  • innovation and disruptive innovation in the beer industry;
  • fellow-beer professionals, writers and others who add weight to a beer, cider, brewery or cider by back-end, hidden activities that are rarely seen or acknowledged by drinkers;
  • people, stories, back-stories, motivations, hopes, wishes and aspirations;
A couple stands before a brewery mural, posing for a photo. The man and women do Japanese & English beer marketing.

Enhance Your Reputation With Professional Services Beyond Content, Writing & Marketing

We have 30-years’ Professional Services experience at senior or executive level, adding value and enabling quality through a determination to facilitate desired outcomes or resolve organisational challenges. We’re globally-focused and driven by change enablement, strategic planning, governance and the harmonisation of process deficiency and miscommunication.

Experienced in the management of processes, projects and portfolios, as well as leading international teams and being passionate advocates of people-first, we’re defined by structured adaptability, ordered chaos, rigorous agility and meticulous flexibility, specifically in the areas of skills, knowledge, capability and administration.

A fountain pen on a sheet of paper containing beer and sustainability words.