Month: July 2018

Rebalancing power in favour of independent business

The march of capitalism is incessant.  Many countries that tried to halt and reverse its progress were devastated by a crippled economy as the large-scale social-experimentations in achieving parity and fairness dramatically failed.  Throughout the socioeconomic growth and collapse in these lands, however, the top-level 

Tiny Rebel and CAMRA at impasse over KeyKeg

It is disappointing to read James Beeson’s article in The Morning Advertiser concerning how CAMRA has handled Tiny Rebel’s decision to use only KeyKeg on its brewery bar at this year’s Great British Beer Festival.  CAMRA’s questioning of KeyKeg’s reliability seems unfounded because we have 

Craft Beer in Japan

A common question we’re asked at Kaeru Beer is, “What is the Craft Beer scene in Japan?”  Answering that it is a buoyant scene, growing year-on-year, is no substitute for actually seeing it yourself. Lightcurve Films recently made a short film that joins brewmaster Rob 

Flink Gegist: A well-fermented beer festival

Flink Gegist is not merely the go-to place for a great selection of beer in the Dutch city of Delft—yes, the home of Delftware—but it is also the bottle shop after which the eponymous biannual craft beer festival is named.  Flink Gegist translates to something 

Latest popular hotel amenity: a brewery

It seems the latest boom area for craft beer is luxury hotels attracting guests with in-house breweries on-site.  But it’s certainly nothing new.  Long before the jet-age or advent of the internal combustion engine—when the most luxurious form of travel was literally several horse-power with 

Getting to know: Ignition Brewery — brewing with a social awareness

South London’s Ignition Brewery is a craft beer brewery with a difference.  Whilst its Pale Ales and Porter are high-quality products — popular in the area’s pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants — it is Ignition Brewery’s social innovation and practical contribution to the local community 

A special year: Noord-Hollands Bierfestival

The building of Alkmaar’s Grote or Sint-Laurenskerk church was completed in 1518, making 2018 its quincentenary, its quincentennial birthday — it’s 500-years old.  Beer was already celebrating a history of about 4,500 years when the church was built, so holding the Dutch Beer Consumer PINT’s