Month: June 2018

CO2 shortage’s impact on beer

Beer and cider drinkers who love something fizzy may soon find themselves without a beverage due to the reported shortage of CO2, a result of European ammonia factory closures and bio-ethanol factory maintenance activities.  The food industry is also affected because it has many applications 

Utrecht revels in great beer and cider

Considering it was Bier en cider festival Utrecht’s first year, it is difficult to believe the event is not already an annual mainstay of the Utrecht beer- and cider-year.  Many beer-events try very hard.  Many beer-events fail very spectacularly.  Bier en cider festival Utrecht succeeds 

Beavertown places its head in the tiger’s mouth

So Beavertown has sold a minority stake to Heineken — a £40m minority stake! “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!”  Whether that is a genuine quote or movieland artistic licence, I cannot tell.  But by cosying up to 

A big drop in alcohol does not mean a big drop in taste

Ipswich in the UK is the home of Big Drop Brewing Co., which focuses on modern craft beer of no more than 0.5% ABV.   “To drink.  Not to be drunk” it says on the label, although we’ve not drunk a beer virtually free of alcohol 

Beer is knocked out of the World Cup earlier than expected

Is anybody surprised by the reports coming out of Russia that beer-supplies are running low?  Even without experience in capacity planning or event organisation and management, it is not difficult to foresee that a World Cup tournament will attract hundreds and thousands of beer-drinking football 

What future for young brewers facing a monopoly?

There is a common feeling shared by all young, independent brewers across the world operating in territories dominated by Big Beer industrialisation.  They feel stifled by monopolisation, and consider it the ruination of their industry. Whilst having a monopoly over a market is a highly-desirable 

Getting to know: Brouwerij 5Hoog

No, it’s not a high-five greeting.  Nor is it Shoog in leetspeak (aka 1337speak).  It’s a reference to the brewery’s lofty beginning as a group of fanatical beer-loving friends on the fifth floor, a level from which Thom, Sven, Patrick and Nick have rarely had 

A tale of Apes and KeyKegs

The 1940s design team behind Italian scooter manufacture Piaggio’s Ape had great foresight in conceiving something that is not merely adopted as a modern-day craft beer icon, but has the precise dimensions to carry a handful of KeyKegs in refrigerated comfort.  Visit a beer festival 

AI accuses Kirin of fund misuse in Myanmar

Amnesty International reported yesterday that the USD$30,000 donated to Myanmar’s authorities by a subsidiary of Kirin Holdings Company may be used to support ethnic cleansing of the country’s Rohingya population.  Amnesty International has urged the Japanese authorities to launch an investigation. Kirin controls 80% of 

Convenient, strong beer meets healthy living in Japan

The legal age for drinking beer in Japan is 20, although the result of each successive generation being less populous than the previous one is that fewer people are reaching legal drinking age each year.  Paradoxically, Japan is one of the few developed nations that