Month: May 2018

Getting to know: Schneeeule Brauerei GmbH

Anti-mimesis is a philosophical idea that Life imitates Art.  Bubo Scandiacus (the snowy owl, schneeeule, or sneeuwuil) is one example of a vulnerable species (life) that, once extinct, cannot be imitated.  The original Berliner Weisse is a beer style (art) that was just about extinct 

Where is the best place for a cheap pint of beer?

Each year Deutsche Bank releases its “Mapping the world’s prices” report, which details global prices.  One item used to indicate the cost of living in 50 major cities throughout the world is the cost of a pint of beer. The challenge is finding a beer 

Step inside, Walk this way, You and me babe, Hey hey! Pour some hops, malt, yeast and water on me!

Long-gone are the days when a rock band’s merchandise portfolio consisted of T-shirt, badges, patches, caps and, for the very affluent, a signature guitar, bass, drum kit as endorsed by our favourite musical heroes.  Signature wine, beer, whiskey and hard liquor are now the trappings 

Congratulations of the fourth anniversary, Kaapse Brouwers

Rotterdam is where the Netherlands meets the world.  Schiphol airport may be the country’s most visible international gateway, but for over 130-years or more passengers and goods have been arriving and departing on ships from Rotterdam, still one of the largest and busiest ports in 

Getting to know: Rock City Brewing

  Rock City.  It’s a nomenclature claimed by cities and regions across the world for their natural landforms, geological formations, or love of loud guitars.  The Dutch city of Amersfoort earns its nickname of ‘Keistad’ — literally translated as ‘Boulder City’ — from the 20,000 

Water as contraband at beer festivals

It is unethical for a beer festival to treat water as contraband.  It is a severe lack of social responsibility to prohibit potable (safe to drink) water.  It is reckless behaviour to encourage the consumption of alcohol whilst simultaneously being negligent about visitors’ health by 

Getting to know: Modern Times

Bob Dylan told us The Times They Are a-Changin’.  But that was 1964.  The modern times are a-changin’, too.  In these modern times we’re a-changin’ how we not only look at beer, but also how we expect today’s brewery to be much more than simply 

Checking out what’s happening at De Biertuin Prinsengracht in Amsterdam

There’s a lot of beers — both draught and bottle — possibly 100-130 or so, mostly Dutch and Belgium, with a fridgeful of Yeastie Boys UK thrown into the mix for some antipodean fun.  And there’s BrewDog, of course,  but that’s tediously everywhere nowadays. There 

The ramblings of a visitor to the 8th PINT Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival

Located on a strip of land between the Amsterdam-Utrecht railway and the Amsterdam–Rhine Canal, the venue for the 8th Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival (UBBF) initially appears to be inconveniently located in a somewhat sleepy backwater far from the city centre.  Arriving by public transport could be 

American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week is once again upon us and in full swing till Sunday, 20th May.  This year is the 13th such event since the Brewers Association decided to shift the month-long American Beer Month into a compact, targeted week of events with a 

Getting to know: House of Pint

A book should never be judged by its cover, according to the idiom that tells us how unwise it is to form opinions and make assessments without firstly taking a look inside.  The merits of a brewery, therefore, should not be based on its size, 

Getting to know: Stapzwan

The literal translation of the motto adopted by Utrecht’s Stapzwan brewery is “discovering, connecting and enjoying”, and since brewers Vincent Stap and Jeroen van der Zwan are childhood friends who have spent over 10-years travelling together on their beer journey, it’s safe to assume the 

How to enjoy beer on a sunny day

On these sunny, warm days when a beer patio / beer garden is the most attractive place to sit and have a delicious cool beer, how many of us actually notice the effect of the sunlight on our beers? Few, for certain. Despite the resultant 

Getting to know: Brouwerij Pronck

Brouwerij Pronck is fiercely proud to be a brewery in the historic Dutch city of Leiden, a city known the world over for its university. Leiden has been the home of Brouwerij Pronck since it was founded there in 2014, and the brewery shows its 

Getting to know: Proper Brewing Co.

Proper Brewing Co. has ethical credentials and values its role in the local community. It places an emphasis on local produce not only for the exceptional quality and taste, but also as part of its social responsibility in supporting the regional economy. Placing cash directly 

A coolship: science-fact, not science-fiction

  To the uninitiated, the word ‘coolship’ — an anglicisation of the Dutch ‘koelschip’ — may be seen in one’s mind’s eye as a seagoing vessel transporting ice, a leisurely vehicle for transporting Happy Days’ Arthur Fonzarelli, or something generically CGI and sci-fi from the 

Are you interested in Alvinne’s limited edition beers?

  If you’re a fan of Brouwerij Alvinne’s innovative sour beers, as Kaeru Beer is, you may be interested in Alvinne’s Fellowship of Exceptional Ales, which is an idea to reward hardcore, loyal fans with some delicious limited beers — so limited, in fact, that 

An exception list of ciders and perries for Reading

It’s hard to deny.  The Real Cider and Real Perry list for this weekend’s cider and perry extravaganza in Reading is exceptional. Pop by to try some delicious beverages produced from the very best things nature has to offer. PERRY Berkshire Tutts Clump Farmhouse