Month: April 2018

Getting to know: Excosa Brouwerij

Excosa Brouwerij is popular. When the brewery makes a public appearance, passionate brewers Nico Landheer and Jan van Trooyen take central position amid the commotion. Their bar at a beer festival is abuzz, and it can be something of a challenge to negotiate the thronging 

(Briefly) Getting to know: Haymarket Brewing

Kaeru Beer would like to thank Frank Shepard from Haymarket Brewing — a long-established brewery and brewpub located in Chicago and Bridgman, MI — for the beers and chat a few weeks ago at Beermiscuous. Haymarket Brewing focuses primarily on European styles, particularly Belgian, but 

Getting to know: San Diego Brewing Co.

In many cases, age, maturity and longevity is simply an excuse grasped by younger people to justify what they would like to see as a widening gap between their own youth and what is, in fact, nothing more than an aging youthfulness. And never the 

BeerCellarList: the go-to app for beer collectors

The practice of storing our favourite beers to consume at a later date, once we hope the flavour has matured, is nothing new.  People have been ‘cellaring’ beers at home for about as long as beer has existed.  Most beer lovers will have a cool 

Getting to know Epic Brewing Company

It is a mountain.  Let’s call it Mount Epic.  Despite its seemingly minute appearance from the street, the footprint of Epic Brewing Company’s Salt Lake City facility, a short stroll south from Downtown, is huge.  Epic Brewing Company appears to have taken its cue from 

CAMRA revitalisation: two steps forward, one step back

  Kaeru Beer have been members of the UK’s Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) for many, many years, and we recently voted in support of a series of measures designed to update CAMRA’s Articles of Association, a series of measures that will update the organisation 

CANarchy in the USA

  There’s strength in numbers.  It’s proven.  One brewery working with another creates a stronger bond.  Many breweries collaborate with another brewery on beers, brewing and events, for example.  Some breweries are acquired, and others merge to create a larger parent brewery.  For whatever reason 

Getting to know: Latchkey Brewing Company

  The paying public literally got its first taste of Latchkey Brewing Company’s beers at the new brewery and tasting room in San Diego’s Middletown neighbourhood last week, and Kaeru Beer was there to find out what was happening from co-founder Gerald Dollente. Beer-tourists from 

Post-hardcore beers from Deftones

How did Belching Beaver Brewery become the official brewer for everybody’s favourite post-hardcore band, Deftones?  Kaeru Beer visited the brewery’s North Park Tasting Room to find out. Being avid fans of the Grammy Award winning metal titans, Belching Beaver Brewery heard rumours that the band 

How to build a Foeder

  Outside Benelux, Foeders are a rarity.  Most people don’t even know what they are. They could be described as extra-large barrels used in the production of sour beers, for example.  What is important, however, are the properties of a Foeder. Their size is important 

The art of south-London’s bees

It is a rare occurrence to taste something that is wholly unique.  It is even rarer to taste something that’s wholly unique and tastes delicious.  Finding the latter to be astonishingly drinkable and something of an undiscovered marvel is almost unheard of. Today is that 

Don’t sleep a round, drink a round. Be Beermiscuous.

Don’t be promiscuous with beer, be Beermiscuous.  Don’t make any commitment without taking your beer on a test-drive first; don’t plunge into any relationship with a beer until you’ve cozied-up with a 4 oz pour for a brief liaison.  Don’t sleep a round, drink a 

A happy and hoppy NATIONAL BEER DAY…

  …if you’re in the USA, that is! April 7th, 1933.  Whilst not exactly celebrating the ratification of the 21st Amendment, and thus ending Prohibition — that was December 5th, 1933 — this day marked a final nail in the coffin for the ban on 

Getting to know: Briljant Brouwhuis

Haarlem is a historic beer city, and yet, irrespective of any historical context, perhaps the four main things beer-lovers who don’t live there know about the city are perhaps Rob Alphenaar, the Jopenkerk, Jopen, and the Uiltje Brewery — and they’re usually quoted in this 

Our Road to Cicerone – the Bootcamp

What do the following have in common: 24 internationals wishing to learn about beer, a handful of beer experts, a couple of beer legends, 5-days in a classroom in Chicago, and plenty of beer and beer/food pairings?  It is, of course, the Road to Cicerone 

Disruptive Weather Plan Thwarted in Sin City

The weather’s plan to disrupt this weekend’s Great Vegas Festival of Beer is thwarted. The weather deities are unfavourably watching proceedings in Sin City and have decided to unleash gale-force winds in order to disrupt this weekend’s Great Vegas Festival of Beer.  However, the organisers 

Getting to know: BE+ER

It’s very easy to have a love/hate relationship with BE+ER, but for a very positive reason in both cases.  It’s very easy to fall in love with the beers, which themselves are meticulously brewed with a deep love and passion; it’s also very easy to 

Getting to know: Bird Brewery

Self-confessed twitchers Ralph van Bemmel and Rik van den Berg swooped onto the Dutch beer scene a couple of years ago, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and with an exuberant enthusiasm and gusto that has allowed the goldcrest (Ralph) and the bearded reedling (Rik) to firmly established Bird 

Italian Grape Ale

  One of the nicest beers we have never tasted is perhaps an Italian Grape Ale, officially recognised as a beer style by the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) a few years ago.  And much like the early days of many other well-known beer styles 

The Ultimate Beer Festival?

  Throughout its 131 years, London’s Olympia exhibition centre has seen many sporting, music and corporate events, and many legends (and dogs) have entertained the masses beneath the massive roof of glass and steel. Olympia has hosted the majority of CAMRA’s Great British Beer Festivals 

Hola 99%

The ‘Hola 99%’ campaign’s presence at the recent Barcelona Beer Festival appears to have been a success, since the message was loud and clear, heard and understood by all attendees, whether they speak Catalan, Spanish or not. Kaeru Beer visited GECAN (Gremi D’Elaboradors De Cervesa