Month: March 2018

Getting to know: Neobosski

  Wicked!  Swearing!  Smokin’!  Fireball!  Bomb!  All terrifying words to describe terrific beers brewed by the terribly congenial Jeroen van Beek and Erik de Bos from Utrecht’s Neobosski Brewing Company, close friends whose relationship straddles that fine line between genius and mad (beer) scientist.  Being 

An Irish tale of a wrongful accusation

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks I heard many rumours of people with low-incomes “fiddling” the utility services — meaning they stole gas and electricity by swapping around the input and output of the meter.  The more energy they used, the cheaper 

What is the definition of a Craft Beer Brewer?

  “Craft”.  It’s an interesting word that we regularly use as beer-lovers, but it’s an unregulated word.  Much like “Artisanal”.  I could produce a beer in my garden shed and call it an Artisanal Craft Beer — nobody would argue with that description.   A huge 

The Independent Craft Brewer Seal

  Any discerning drinker of American Craft Beer may have recently noticed the appearance of The Independent Craft Brewer Seal logo, which may be used completely free by any Craft Beer brewer who meets the criteria specified by the Brewers Association. The popularity of Craft