Month: March 2018

Drowning in a flood of porter

It’s the stuff dreams are made of.  It’s made of the stuff of dreams.  Porter, that is: a sea of porter. Thanks to the guys at Birrificio Bosco Grosso for introducing me to a beer-fact I was blissfully (and ignorantly) unaware of, a beer fact 

Is the future marijuana, cannabis and hemp beer?

Marijuana, cannabis and hemp ‘beers’ are seemingly on the increase, but in many cases they’re not even beers.  Whilst they start life as traditional beers, the alcohol is replaced by an extract at the end of the brewing process.  The psychophysiological effects, however, are alleged 

How does Founders Brewing Co. find itself in Europe

  If you suspected Founders Brewing Co. appeared at European beer festivals simply because they enjoyed a jolly European jaunt, you’d only be partly correct. What you’re drinking is certainly from Grand Rapids, MI, but what’s happening behind the taps is a very Spanish affair.  

The legend of Travis the trout and the widowed countess

With the current propensity towards myth and legend, it is unsurprising that heroes and villains, monsters and demons are prevalent in the worlds of cinema, televisions and animation, despite existing in literature for hundreds of years. I eagerly await the appearance of a storyline involving 

Milan. One city. Four days. Two Beer Festivals .

Milan.  One city.  Four days.  Two Beer Festivals that differ from each other in quite distinct ways. With a city-centre location, a short stroll from Milan Central Station, the Lombardia Beer Fest offers free entry, whereas the IBF (Italia Beer Festival) is held in the 

Excitement abounds at the prospect of another Borefts Bier Festival

Kaeru Beer is once again excited by the prospect of yet another year of fun, enjoyable conversation, wonderful beers, excellent people and memories to cherish. Brouwerij de Molen’s Borefts Bier Festival is a benchmark against which other international beer festivals can always be compared, since 

The Brewers Association brings its Export Development Program (EDP) to Europe

It was great to see the Brewers Association bringing its Export Development Program (EDP) to Europe again. Astute beer lovers in Europe appreciate the quality and diversity within the US craft beer industry, yet we still hear comments from so-called beer-lovers that US craft beer 

Fuelled by craft beer and ramen

Alternative pop and indie punk is fuelled by ramen, we’re told.  Yet any ramen shop worth its noodles carries a decent enough supply of craft beer to provide a wonderful counterbalance to the soy- or miso-flavoured fast-food beloved of the late-night beer-fuelled revellers.  Ramen plays 

Marshmallow and edible-glitter beer?

  Mmm?!  Interesting!  A beer brewed with marshmallow and edible-glitter?  Pinch me, somebody, please — it’s not April Fools’ Day is it? Peeps is not something I am familiar with, but, apparently, it’s a US brand of cute animal-shaped marshmallow candy, which The Collective Brewing 

Getting to know: HappyFace Beers

  The flags are resolute in making a declaration.  Badass Brewing!  Badass the brewing may be, and the beers may be fuelled by megawatts of power, but there’s little attitude suggestive of a badass in all-round nice-guy, Rob Zwaan, brewer at HappyFace Beers.  Standing literally